Leanna Decker Flaunts Incredible Body In Racy Swimsuit While Doing The Splits

Leanna Decker takes a selfie.
Leanna Decker / Instagram

Instagram model Leanna Decker stunned her fans with her flexibility and incredible body while clad in a red swimsuit. She had her followers flocking to view an image and a video which she uploaded to the social media platform. In this update, she did the splits and stretched her lithe body for the camera.

The 28-year-old looked smoking hot in a strappy one-piece halter-neck swimsuit that exposed a lot of skin and drew attention to her beautiful body. The suit had three straps along her back for a risqué look. The first strap clasped behind her neck, with the strap extending from her bust tied in the middle of her back. A third strap cinched around her minuscule waist.

Leanna put her thick booty on display in this image. The swimsuit had a thong-style bottom part that showcased her derriere as she moved through her poses effortlessly.

Leanna recently cut her hair and she styled her hair casually. She allowed her red hair to cascade down her back as she showcased her magnificent figure. She appeared to be wearing some light natural-looking makeup to enhance her facial features.

The model posed outside on a terracotta-tiled floor. She made herself comfortable on a yoga mat and seemed oblivious to anything around her as she maintained the pose.

The first image showed Leanna sitting with her legs in a classic splits position. She used her hands for balance while tilting her head backward. The video, meanwhile, featured her in the abovementioned stretch before she lifted both hands and clasped them together. She then bent forward to lie on her front leg with apparent ease.

The social media star has a solid following of over 725,000 fans, who awarded her update with more than 5,000 likes in just an hour’s time. Some of them took to the comments section, dropping over 90 comments since the post went live. It seems to have sparked some excitement as her admirers sang her praises.

One fan called her an “elastic babe” while another doled out some advice.

“Take care Leanna, hope you do some stretching first,” they cautioned.

Another admirer reminisced about the time when they also challenged themselves to do something similar.

“Perfectly athletic! The last time I did something like that it took me two weeks to stand up, lovely Leanna. Stay safe out there,” they said.

A fourth Instagram user waxed lyrical about Leanna’s yoga moves.

“How long did it take you to be able to do the splits? Impressive!” they raved.