Jena Frumes Sizzles In Blue Lingerie & Showcases Her Incredible Physique

Jena Frumes flies on a private jet to Coachella
Araya Diaz / Getty Images for VOMOS Private Jets & Ciroc

Stunning model Jena Frumes was ready to cause a stir among her Instagram followers with her latest upload. On Thursday, she posted a new photo for her 4 million fans and the response was both immediate and intense.

Jena kept her caption simple on the post. In this case, she simply asked her followers whether her blue lingerie was a yes or a no. She did not appear to note the brand of the lingerie set she wore, but it certainly looked stunning on her.

The model was photographed from behind as she gazed into a mirror. She appeared to have her forearms slipped into a denim jacket that hung loosely behind her derriere, and she wore minimal accessories. Jena’s makeup palette was rather subdued in this case, with what appeared to be bronze tones highlighting her lips, cheekbones, and stunning blue eyes.

The 26-year-old beauty had her tresses styled in loose curls as her typical look. They were swept over to one side. Tendrils cascaded softly over both of her shoulders, resting just above her breasts. She had her head tilted and one hip cocked with one leg placed slightly in front of the other.

One hand rested on her hip as the other hung loosely against her upper thigh. The lacy blue bra allowed Jena to showcase some deep cleavage, and the matching bottoms revealed some faint tan lines and accentuated her curvy hips. Her chiseled abs were on full display, and her fans loved this overall sexy vibe.

The snap earned more than 80,000 likes in less than 40 minutes. In addition, more than 750 comments poured in as well.

“Any color fits you girl,” one follower noted.

“Yayyyy. Like yaaaayyyy, it gives you such a gentle and beautiful look,” a fan shared.

“You are one fine looking woman @jenafrumes,” another follower wrote.

“You in any lingerie is a YAY,” someone else detailed.

Jena has been sharing videos and photos on both Instagram and TikTok quite frequently over the past few weeks. She often includes rumored boyfriend Jason Derulo in her posts, but the two tend to play coy about exactly how they define their relationship.

Regardless of whom Jena is with, and what she is wearing in the photos and videos she shares on social media, her millions of fans go wild over her phenomenal figure and saucy vibe. They never seem to tire of her funny antics, lingerie snaps, or bikini uploads, and she never leaves them hanging without new content for very long.