June 18, 2020
Donald Trump Is The 'Leading Domestic Enemy' Of America's Constitution, Journalist Says

In a Thursday piece for Raw Story, author and journalist David Cay Johnston used newly leaked information from former National Security Advisor John Bolton's upcoming White House memoir to argue that Donald Trump is the biggest threat to the United States constitution.

"John Bolton's new book makes many things clear, but most important is this: Donald Trump violates his oath to defend our Constitution against 'all enemies foreign and domestic' because he is the leading domestic enemy of our Constitution," Johnston opined.

Johnston pointed to some of the most damning information that leaked from Bolton's book, The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir, including allegations that Trump desires the "execution" of journalists. In addition, he pointed to reports that the president works to "rig" criminal prosecutions to help him bolster his relationships with dictators from around the world, as The Guardian reported. In particular, Trump purportedly uses such acts to leverage his power with dictators to achieve his own personal ends.

According to Johnston, the allegations support the validity of warnings he has been raising for years about Trump's disloyalty, heartlessness, and capability of selling out America for his personal gain.

Johnston outlined what he calls the "scariest" anecdote in Bolton's book — his alleged approval of China's plan to place the country's Muslim minorities in concentration camps. As noted, such prisoners are sometimes vivisected and harvested for organs, which Business Insider previously reported.

"Chinese concentration camps are also centers for the torture and murder of those Beijing considers enemies of the people — Uighurs and followers of Falun Gong, a spiritual movement that emphasizes truth and compassion and which Beijing condemns as an 'evil cult,'" Johnston wrote.

Johnston claims Trump likely doesn't know about the alleged organ harvesting practices. However, the journalist argued that even if he knew, the president's immorality would likely drive him to brush the practices off unless it would cost him re-election — the most crucial factor in Trump's decision-making process, according to Bolton.

Johnston also noted Bolton's claim that Trump asked China's President Xi Jinping to help him win re-election. As The Inquisitr wrote, Trump allegedly pushed Xi to purchase more wheat and soybeans from the United States, which the U.S. president reportedly believed would help him succeed in November.

"There it is, plain and simple," Johnston wrote. "Donald Trump asked the tyrant in Beijing to help him win a second term."

Johnston ultimately concluded that Trump has not just allowed the threat of China to remain undeterred but enabled Xi's rule, which could help the communist country gain power on the world stage.