WWE’s Paige Stuns Her Fans With A Dramatic Blond Look In Sultry Selfie

WWE Superstar Paige attends the WWE Superstars For Hope Reception
Brian Ach / Getty Images for WWE

WWE personality Paige shared a stunning photo via her Instagram page on Wednesday that caused quite the stir among her fans. The British bombshell has shared some jaw-dropping snapshots in recent weeks, but this one really took everybody’s breath away.

Paige, whose real name is Saraya-Jade Bevis, posted a photo on Wednesday that showed her with a dramatic change of hair color. The photo appeared to be a selfie, and that meant it was enough of a close-up to capture every stunning detail of this new look.

What immediately caught the attention of fans was her long, blond tresses. She is typically a brunette, so this presented a major transformation.

In her caption, Paige teased that she is Gwen Stefani now. The blond locks certainly did lend themselves to creating a solid Stefani vibe for the WWE personality, and there were plenty of other glam components to this selfie that generated a fair amount of buzz.

Paige wore a bright-red beanie over her hair, and she appeared to be wearing a deep red lip color as well. Her overall makeup look was rather dark, with what seemed to be a heavy application of dark eyeshadow colors, dark eyeliner, and fake eyelashes or a heavy coat of mascara.

Paige appeared to be wearing black sweatpants and a black sports bra. This allowed her to tease her fans with a peek at her deep cleavage and a hint of her midriff.

She gazed directly at the camera with a slight smile on her face. The bold, rather extreme look generated a massive response, with the post garnering more than 265,000 likes in less than 22 hours. Nearly 2,600 comments poured in as well as people shared their reaction to this eye-popping look.

“I think we can all agree you look great in any hair color,” one follower noted.

“OMG QUEEN YOU LOOK SO GOOD,” a fan declared.

“Omg I didn’t think you could look so f*cking beautiful but again I was proved WRONGG in love with the BLONDEEEEEE,” another follower wrote.

“This look really suits you..look great Paige,” someone else detailed.

Earlier this week, Paige shared a snapshot that showed her current look, and this one also gave her 5.8 million fans a lot to talk about.

While she didn’t say it outright in her caption, it does seem that this was just a temporary hair color change thanks to a bold wig. Whether it was just for fun or a look she hopes to do for real at some point, it seemed that her fans thought it looked pretty fabulous on her.