Lisa Lanceford Powers Through Ab Workout In White Sports Bra And Gray Leggings

Lisa Lanceford snaps a selfie
Lisa Lanceford / Instagram

Lisa Lanceford showed her Instagram followers how they can work on toning their abs at home without any weights or heavy-duty gym equipment. In the video, the British fitness trainer rocked a white sports bra and gray leggings as she powered through the seven-part workout.

In the first clip, Lisa knocked out a set of heel taps. For this exercise, she lay on her back and lifted her knees while she kept her feet planted on the mat. Then, she leaned to one side and stretched her hand toward the corresponding foot. In her caption, she recommended doing 20 repetitions of the exercise.

Lisa tackled “V” sit holds next. This required her to lift her torso and legs and extend both arms in front of her. Her caption suggested holding this position for 30 to 45 seconds.

A set of crunches followed as Lisa got into the plank position and held it for a while. Next, she performed a series of lying knee tucks. While she lay on her back, Lisa raised her legs toward her upper body until she lifted her glutes lifted a short distance above the ground. Her caption suggested 12 repetitions.

Lisa moved on to full extension crunches next and for these, she lay on her back with her arms lifted over her head. Then she lowered them with a semicircular motion as she lifted her torso. She did this while simultaneously pushing her knees toward her waist.

After that, Lisa ended her circuit with a set of leg raises. She performed these on the ground and lifted both legs at the same time during each repetition.

The clip has been viewed more than 45,000 times, and close to 50 Instagram users have commented on it so far. In the comments section, Lisa’s fans praised the workout and thanked her for sharing it.

“Thank you, it’s on my list for my next core session!” one person wrote.

“Thank you for this @lisafiitt,” another added before including a sparkling red heart emoji in their comment. “Lots of love to you and what you do.”

“You’re amazing,” a third user wrote.

While abs were her focus in the new video, Lisa offered fans a shoulder-focused gym workout in a set of clips she posted to Instagram four days ago. In that series, she completed a circuit that included lateral raises into front raise⁣⁣s, steering wheels⁣, shoulder presses, single-arm lat raise⁣⁣s, and rear delt flies.