‘The Challenge’ Stars Swaggy C And Bayleigh Dayton Express Frustration Over Being In The Spotlight

Bayleigh Dayton and Swaggy C attend the WE tv celebrates the return of "Love After Lockup" event
Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Big Brother alumni and current The Challenge: Total Madness stars Bayleigh Dayton and Chris “Swaggy C” Williams are expressing frustration with their celebrity status on Twitter. The couple shot to reality television stardom in 2018 after appearing on the hit CBS competition show and were picked up by MTV for The Challenge’s 35th season this year.

The duo’s newest tweets might suggest they are done with reality television after just two seasons across the different networks.

“Tbh, I really hate being in the public eye sometimes. While people are scrambling for revelance [sic]. [Swaggy] and I are working our a**es off so we can disappear. Wealth over fame. Lifestyle over popularity. Shift your priorities people, your small mindedness is showing,” Bayleigh tweeted Wednesday.

Shortly after, Swaggy shared his wife’s sentiments by re-tweeting her post and adding his own thoughts.

“We don’t have to do another TV show again and we’re easily fine. TV is for fun and competition. And it’s getting to a point where it isn’t fun anymore. I’ma end up taking my a**, my wife, my trading knowledge & my money to a mansion in Beverly Hills & leaving this sh*t behind.”

Money doesn’t appear to be an issue for the couple if Swaggy’s past tweets are any indication. The currency trader recently shared a screenshot of his earnings on social media, showing he brought in well over $180,000 for the month of May.

Two-time Challenge competitor Jenny West commented on Bayleigh’s post, agreeing with her statement. According to Jenny, she didn’t join reality television for fame, but to financially help out family and friends.

There have been plenty of rumors about the upcoming seasons of The Challenge and Big Brother, which is suspected to be an all-star season. Originally, it was suggested that Swaggy and Bayleigh would be heading back to CBS, but former Big Brother winner Evel Dick has recently stated on Twitter, based on his insider knowledge, that Bayleigh will be sticking with MTV for The Challenge Season 36.

Dick had originally 100 percent confirmed Swaggy and Bayleigh would be doing BB22, but has since changed his statement.

Swaggy has also noted on social media that he and Bayleigh were contacted for The Challenge Season 36, but did not confirm or deny if they were joining the cast for their second time. The star brought up the topic after exposing Dee Nguyen on Twitter during her Black Lives Matter controversy. The latter suggested Swaggy and Bayleigh were continuing the trio’s argument to stay relevant and to ensure a callback for Season 36.