Natalie Roser Wears Her Scarf As A Shirt And Poses In Front Of A Mercedes For Triple-Photo Update

Australian model and Instagram influencer Natalie Roser's most recent Instagram upload captured her posed in front of a luxury car while clad in a sexy top. The new post was comprised of three images that flaunted Natalie's killer body.

The first update captured the Aussie babe striking a pose outside. She did not indicate her location with a geotag, but she was posed in the center of the frame. At the model's back was a light concrete wall that was sectioned off into squares and a bright blue Mercedes. She faced her chest toward the camera and popped her right hip out to the side. Natalie turned her head in the same direction as her hip and parted her lips slightly.

The model got thrifty and wore a scarf as a top. The garment had different hues of purple and was decorated with stars and other designs. The top had a straight neckline that left her shoulders and arms bare. Meanwhile, the fabric went into a "V" shape toward her navel and exposed a peek of her trim midsection.

The model rocked a pair of snug denim on her lower half. The jeans were constructed of light wash fabric that had a few tears and gave it a vintage feel. Its waistband was tight on her hips, and the skinny fit showed off her trim thighs.

The second photo showed Natalie posed in front of the same vehicle, but she altered her pose slightly and tucked one hand into her front pocket and ran the other through her tresses. In the last snapshot, the babe gave her 1.2 million followers a peek at her backside. The scarf was tied around her back, and its fabric fell to her derriere. The bottoms of her jeans flared out in a bootleg style, and because of the way that the photo was cropped, her choice of footwear was unable to be seen.

She wore her long, blond locks in a straight fashion and styled it with her usual middle part. It looked like Natalie rocked a striking application of makeup that included defined brows, blush, and red lipstick.

The post has only been live on her page for a few hours, but it's garnered plenty of attention. Fans have double-tapped the shot over 10,000 times and left 160-plus comments. Some Instagrammers raved over her figure while many others commented on the flashy car.

"This is called beauty," one follower exclaimed.

"Always great images, and I love your smile! You can brighten up the whole world with that smile!!... and thats not old man speak for you need to smile more..." another fan commented with a few red hearts.