Stephanie Sanzo Rocks Yellow Sports Bra And Snug Black Shorts For Upper Body Weightlifting Workout

Stephanie Sanzo snaps a selfie
Stephanie Sanzo / Instagram

Stephanie Sanzo took to Instagram on Thursday to share a new upper body weightlifting workout with her close to 2 million followers.

Dressed in a yellow sports bra with snug black shorts, the Australian fitness trainer started the workout with a series of push presses. For this exercise, she lifted two 15-pound dumbbells to her shoulders and raised them over her head repeatedly.

Next, she moved on to a set of single-arm rows. Stephanie leaned forward for this one and placed one foot in front of the other. She held on to a weight rack for balance as she pulled the other dumbbell towards her shoulder.

Stephanie lay down on a mat for the next exercise in her circuit, a set of floor presses. These required her to hold the dumbells horizontally and then push them toward the ceiling.

A series of overhead tricep extensions followed. Unlike the previous exercise, this move only required one dumbbell. She held the weight behind her head as she slowly lifted and lowered it to complete her repetitions.

Stephanie tackled a set of pushups next and then whipped out a long thin resistance band for a series of pull-aparts. As the name of the exercise indicates, these required her to use a lateral motion as she stretched the band with her hands.

Stephanie suspended herself from some overhead bars for the next move, a set of hanging leg raises that required her to lift her legs toward her chest.

In her caption, Stephanie wrote that the circuit was part of an ongoing challenge she’s currently hosting on the SWEAT app. She then shared her excitement at seeing all the participants who have been completing the workouts and making progress toward their fitness goals.

The post has been liked close to 30,000 times and over 350 Instagram users have commented on it. In those comments, some fans wrote that they were enjoying Stephanie’s workouts, although they found them difficult.

“I am really loving the challenge and your program is kicking my bum and not just that,” one person wrote.

“I’ve LOVED doing this challenge! Week two was [fire emoji]! Can’t wait for the rest of the challenge!!” another Instagram user asked.

Others had questions about the exercises she included in her most recent video series.

“The benefits of the floor press…Is that more of a concentration type movement?” a commenter asked.

“It eliminates the legs out of the movement which makes it harder to stabilize and therefore forces the upper body to work a bit harder,” Stephanie responded.