Polina Malinovskaya Displays Her Bombshell Body In Baggy Jeans & No Top

Polina Malinovskaya snaps a selfie.
Polina Malinovskaya / Instagram

Polina Malinovskaya put on another tantalizing display on Instagram in a sexy photoshoot that included three images. The post was added to Polina’s social media page a short time ago, and it’s earned her plenty of praise for apparent reasons.

The first photo in the set captured Polina posed inside of a room surrounded by wooden walls. A small picture was hung on the wall, and it featured several colorful butterflies. The Russian model faced her backside toward the camera and looked over her shoulder with an alluring stare. She placed both hands in the back pockets of her pants and twisted her shoulders, so they faced the camera.

Polina teased her audience with a topless shot that flaunted her incredible figure. Her arms and torso were beautifully brown, and her chest was a few shades lighter than the rest of her body. She blurred out what was necessary to meet Instagram’s nudity guidelines while still leaving ample sideboob on display. On her lower half, the model sported a pair of light denim jeans. The garment was worn tight around her hips and exposed a hint of her black underpants underneath.

The second image captured the model posed in the same space. She faced her chest toward the camera and covered up with her biceps. Polina did not add any additional accessories to her look and left her trim collar and shoulders bare. Like the first image, this one exposed plenty of the model’s chest for the camera. Her pants appeared to be loose on her figure, and the lining of its pockets was partially exposed.

In both of the shots, Polina wore her silky blond tresses with a middle part, and her hair spilled on her back. Her skin was shiny and appeared to have a small application of makeup that accentuated her stunning features. It also looked like she was wearing defined brows, mascara, and a nude lip. Polina also seemed to have lined her cheeks with a light pink blush.

The last image in the set showed the model gazing into the distance with her hands over her chest. She tied back her tresses in a low bun, and a few loose pieces of hair fell around the frame of her face.

Polina tagged her photographer in the upload, and since it went live six hours ago, her fans have showered it with love. The post has attracted over 164,000 likes and 760 comments.

“Stunning pictures, you’re Amazing,” one follower gushed with a trail of flame emoji.

“The perfect woman,” another Instagram user complimented.

“You are very very very very beautiful,” a third added.