Nick Cordero Is Awake, But Can't Talk Or Move & Has Lost 65 Pounds During His Coronavirus Battle

Stacy Carey

Singer and actor Nick Cordero is still fighting an intense battle against the coronavirus. On Wednesday night, his wife Amanda Kloots detailed a lot of information via her Instagram stories about his current condition. She has shared many updates throughout his journey, but for this session, she answered dozens of questions from followers, revealing many difficult details about Nick's current condition.

Amanda said she was waiting on a chance to FaceTime with Nick, so she would answer questions from people as she waited. She went on to answer dozens of questions for an hour or so, detailing a lot that the family's supporters might not have been aware of until now.

She explained that unfortunately, Nick is not able to talk at this point. He is awake, but he is incredibly weak. He can answer questions, but he does so by raising his eyes up for "yes," and down for "no."

She added that he really can't even move because he is so weak. He can look up, down, left and right, but that's about it.

Since initially going into the ICU at the end of March, he has lost 65 pounds. Most of that is muscle mass, which he won't be able to rebuild in any significant way until he can move more. For now, he's being given high-calorie, high-protein nutrition in hopes he can build some strength.

When asked if there's been any discussion of a discharge date, Amanda said that it could be months from now, even in a best-case scenario. Once Nick is able to leave Cedars-Sinai hospital, he will head to a rehabilitation facility.

She explained that her husband will likely need to be in rehab for at least a year. She shared that a general rule of thumb is to expect a month in rehab for each week in the ICU. Nick has been in the ICU for 12 weeks now and it doesn't sound as if he will be able to leave anytime soon.

She also said that it is difficult to know what and how much the Broadway star understands at this point. For example, she told him about his leg being amputated, but she's not sure if he registered the information. Despite that, Amanda said he is awake and "in there," even though he cannot talk, in large part due to the ventilator.

Neither Amanda nor Nick's primary doctor is giving up, but this is obviously a battle that is going to continue for quite some time. She has previously explained that it's a roller coaster ride, but she is determined to see her husband recover and return home.