June 18, 2020
Former 'RHOC' Star Meghan King Edmonds Describes Quarantine Dating With Boyfriend Christian Schauf

Former The Real Housewives of Orange County star, Meghan King Edmonds wrote an intimate blog post on Wednesday. In the post, the star detailed how the relationship with businessman Christian Schauf began and blossomed during the current pandemic.

Meghan recently divorced Jim Edmonds after five years of marriage and lots of scandal. Earlier this year, after a great deal of self-work, the actress decided it was time to date again and joined a bunch of dating apps. That was where Meghan met her new boyfriend, Christian. The star did not reveal which app specifically but did detail some other dating experiences on her podcast, Intimate Knowledge.

Meghan's relationship with the entrepreneur began slowly via FaceTime conversations as the reality star didn't believe the pair would last.

"I never thought it would go anywhere since he lives in Utah and I live in St Louis and work in Los Angeles."
Distance didn't stop the two as the romance blossomed. The couple continued FaceTime dates and got to know one another as they hiked and poured cocktails remotely. It wasn't until weeks later that the two met in person. The star described the meeting as "the most unusual first date IRL." Christian picked up a masked Meghan at the airport in Utah, where the couple spent some time together.The date came after the actress's close friend Nancy Anderson extensively researched Christian, and the pair received negative COVID tests. The podcaster assured readers that although it sounded "very, very creepy," the meeting was, in fact, "safe, just strange." Meghan compared the complicated meeting to the current state of the world. The couple only had traditional visits after several weeks of dating.

"This order felt a little backwards and old-fashioned to us, but it also made us feel more deeply connected," the star acknowledged.

It wasn't just the way the couple met that was not traditional. The star also admits that being a public figure complicated the romance. Meghan shared that the tabloids broke the news of the couple being in love before the two had even discussed being exclusive. The reports led to an awkward exchange, and Meghan explained feeling like "a prepubescent girl who's about 3 inches tall with her tail between her legs," during the discussion of whether the two were an item.

Christian put any discomfort to rest for the star and confirmed that the two were in a relationship after which the couple shared a good laugh.