Pamela Anderson Is Unrecognizable In Short Blond Wig And Sheer Lace Camisole

Pamela Anderson was unrecognizable in a short blond wig for a new Instagram share. In an image uploaded to the social media sharing site, the actress and animal activist tried out a new style for a glamour shot. Using the wig as a fashion prop gave her overall look a new dimension. It also added to her sex symbol appeal when paired with a black lace, see-through camisole.

In the image, Pamela looked away from the camera. Her wig was cut very short, to mid-ear length, and fashioned into a straight style. The hair also had heavy bangs that fringed the actress's thin eyebrows. The blond hairstyle appeared to suit the former star of the television series Baywatch. It highlighted her high cheekbones and long neck.

Pamela's left hand was entwined in the wig. She appeared wistful in the image. Her right hand held the bottom of her chin and her fingers lay upon her top lip.

The blond bombshell appeared to sport a heavier makeup fashion than usual in the photos. This went along with the dramatic feel of the image. Her eyes appeared to have been lined in black eyeliner. Its ends were drawn outward from the corner of her blue peepers. Above that, dark gray eye shadow highlighted the tops of Pamela's eyelids. The shadow was extended from above her eyelid to match the line of the liner, matching it in length. This created an almond shape to Pamela's eyes. To that, black mascara was added to enhance her eyes further.

Pamela's thin eyebrows appeared to be filled in with a dark pencil. Her lips were lined in a darker liner and filled in with a light-colored lipstick.

Pamela wore a black lace camisole for the share. Its thin straps perched atop her right shoulder and one hung slightly off her left shoulder. The thin material had dark inlays which gave the garment a dramatic feel.

The actress sat on a dark wooden chair that was positioned backward. She straddled the piece of furniture with one leg dangling on each side of the piece of furniture.

Fans of the former Playboy Playmate loved the photo and posted their feelings in the comments section of the share.

"If you needed validation today, you are beautiful. and even if you didn't, it wouldn't change," said one follower.

"The hottest woman in the world!!!" remarked a second fan.

"Lighting and angle are on point," stated a third follower of the actress, who commented on the overall look of the image.

"Still one of the finest women alive," said a fourth Instagram user.