Corrie Yee Flaunts Amazing Figure In Sunny Yellow Bikini

Corrie Yee poses for a selfie.
Corrie Yee / Instagram

Corrie Yee prefers life in a bikini. In her latest social media share, she admitted as much as she flaunted her fabulous figure in a revealing, sunny yellow two-piece swimsuit. The Los Angeles-based model looked smoking hot while she posed outside for a photo shoot.

Corrie’s post consisted of a photo and a video that saw her striking seductive poses while sitting on a concrete slab. A wooden ladder positioned behind her and leaned against what appeared to be a rock facing.

The model’s bikini was a classic style with triangle-shaped cups that showed off plenty of her voluptuous chest. The bottoms were a low-rise style that tied at her sides. A small tattoo on her lower abdomen peeked out from behind one of the straps.

The photo captured Corrie from a slight side angle as she leaned on one hand with one leg bent in front of her. Her other leg was extended to one side. She looked ahead while she playfully tugged at one side of her bikini. The pose gave her followers a nice look at her flat tummy and the feminine curve of her hips. Also on display were her toned thighs and smooth bronze skin.

Corrie was sitting up in the video, which appeared to be a behind-the-scenes clip of the photoshoot. She was looking at something out of the camera’s view. One of her legs was folded in front of her while her other leg appeared to dangle off the edge of the slab. She tossed her hair and pursed her lips while she leaned on one hand and gave the camera sultry glances. The camera moved to one side just as the clip ended.

Corrie wore her hair parted on the side and styled straight. Her eyes appeared to be framed with sculpted brows, thick eyelashes, heavy eyeliner, and dark eyeshadow. Her cheeks also looked to be contoured, and she sported a rose shade of lipstick.

In the caption, she mentioned living in a bathing suit. She also credited the photographer, as well as the maker of the bikini.

Many of her fans took a moment to tell her how sensational she looked in the bathing suit.

“You’ll get no complaints from me. You look stunning, as always,” joked one admirer.

“Absolutely stunning beautiful gorgeous girl,” a second Instagram user echoed.

“That bikini looks amazing and soooo beautiful on you sweetheart,” a third follower chimed in.

“Great body u look awesome,” a fourth commented read.