Fitness Model Hanna Oberg Shows Off Killer Quads In Leg Workout Video

Hanna Oberg takes a mirror selfie.
Hanna Oberg / Instagram

Fitness model Hanna Oberg added a new gym workout video to her Instagram page on Wednesday, June 17, that featured her killer quads as she carried out various leg exercises.

For the demonstration, Hanna sported a sleeveless white shirt with a full neckline that showed off a white sports bra underneath. It was tied in a knot at the chest, revealing plenty of skin along the model’s toned abdomen. The top also left Hanna’s chiseled arm muscles exposed, showing off a full-sleeve tattoo on her right arm. On her lower half, the fitness trainer chose a pair of loose-fitting green shorts that included a cinched waistband and extended to the tops of her thighs. The shorts left the length of the model’s legs on display, drawing attention to her muscular quads.

Hanna went with a pair of white Converse sneakers for footwear and added a black exercise watch and gold necklace for accessories. She pulled her brunette waves back into a high ponytail and also appeared to have added a touch of black mascara and pink lip gloss.

The leg workout made use of a barbell for equipment and included five different exercises, each featured in an individual video clip. Hanna began by showing off her killer physique. She stood with her legs apart as she pulled up on the shorts, giving viewers an even better view of her gym-honed quads. Hanna flexed her muscles for the camera and then moved into her workout.

The first exercise that Hanna demonstrated was a goblet squat with an elevated heel. She held the barbell in her hands, letting them rest loosely in front of her body, and then performed a series of squats with her heels perched on a weight. In the second video, Hanna tackled a few pulse squats to backward steps, placing the barbell behind her shoulders. The third video featured the front foot elevated split squat with the barbell placed at chest-level.

The fourth exercise in the circuit was the overhead squat. Hanna pushed the barbell over her head and kept her arms extended as she carried out each squat. In the final video, the trainer showed her followers how to do alternating stiff dead lifts, bending forward with the barbell extended toward the floor.

In the caption, Hanna told her fans that the workout was great for maintaining strength and working the legs in an effective way. The post earned more than 30,000 likes and a few hundred comments on the first day.