Man Finds $20,000 In Hollowed-Out Book, Still Searching For Owner

Boston, MA – A Brazilian immigrant who found more than $20,000 in the hollowed-out pages of a book is still searching for the rightful owner.

“Carlos,” who has chosen not to reveal his second name, found the bounty inside a book left at the Wellesley Recycling and Disposal Facility in Boston. His find came on October 12 last year, and honest Carlos has held on to the money ever since.

In an interview with The Boston Herald, Carlos recalls how he found the money while looking for old National Geographics at the recycling facility. He says:

“I quickly closed the book and I ran to the car. When I opened the book the money fell all over the place, one hundred dollar bills here, one hundred dollar bills there.”

Rather than keep the money, Carlos made a deal with himself: He would spend six months searching for the money’s owner before claiming it for himself. As Carlos says: “I can be guilt-free that I did search and try my best to find the person.”

Carlos immediately advertised an email address — — in a Wellesley newspaper. The response was, unsurprisingly, huge, with at least 180 responses arriving from around the world. Many messages congratulated Carlos, but a few — he estimates nine, at least — attempted to claim the money.

“They tried to explain the book belongs to their family, a grandfather, or grandmother,” Carlos says. “But they couldn’t give me the right information.” Carlos is refusing to reveal the title of the book containing the cash, but believes the true owner will know.

If the real owner is still about, they don’t have long left to retrieve their money. Carlos’ self-imposed deadline of May 8 is looming, and he already has plans for the money should no genuine claimant step forward. Carlos intends to contribute to a charity, help his daughter with school tuition, and cover a few other basic necessities.

Until May 8, however, the money will remain unusued. As Carlos says: “I can use the money, but it’s not my money so I’m going to wait.”