Ainsley Rodriguez Powers Through Resistance Band Workout In Hot Pink Bikini

Ainsley Rodriguez poses for a selfie
Ainsley Rodriguez / Instagram

Ainsley Rodriguez showed off her abdominal muscles in a hot pink bikini for a new workout video series on her Instagram page.

In the first video, Ainsley lay on her stomach and lifted her torso and legs simultaneously. As she did so, she pulled her wrists away from each other while she stretched a green resistance band and lowered her arms.

Next, she assumed a plank position with the resistance band placed around her ankles. Then she lifted one knee toward her waist before repeating the exercise on the other side.

In the third clip, she placed the band around her knees as she performed a squat before she dropped to the ground and kicked out her legs while she propped herself up with her arms.

A set of crunches combined with hip thrusts and thigh abductions came next. Each time she lifted her torso for the crunch, she raised her pelvis and then spread her knees, stretching her resistance band as she did so.

In the last video of the series, Ainsley completed a set of squat jacks. This exercise was very similar to jumping jacks, but she bent her knees for a wide-legged squat during each repetition.

In the caption, Ainsley suggested doing 45 seconds of each exercise and to complete the circuit four times.

Yet, in the comments section, some fans seemed more focused on Ainsley’s figure than the workout demonstration.

“Amazing video; very intense,” one person wrote. “You look incredible and exceptionally gorgeous.”

“@Ainsley perfect form! Not sure how anybody could concentrate ha!” another Instagram user added.

“Nice work. I love watching you. Keep working hard!!” a third supporter commented.

“Truly an inspiration so incredibly beautiful so incredibly strong,” a fourth Instagram user wrote before adding a flexed bicep emoji.

In a previous workout series, Ainsley rocked a bright yellow sports bra with gray and black striped shorts for a workout that combined the use of a dumbbell and a resistance band. For the full-body circuit, Ainsley performed squat to bicep curls, reverse lunges into rows, shoulder presses into reverse lunges, deadlifts to front raises, and oblique rotations.

In the caption, she wrote that the workout was for anyone who may not have access to heavy weights at home.

“If you’re still training at home and need an easy way to make your dumbbells a little heavier, try adding a band around it! I love doing this because it also forces you to control the negative!” she wrote in the caption. “Aim for 12-15 reps of each and repeat for 4 rounds.”