June 18, 2020
Donald Trump Jr. Slams Rick Wilson For Wife's Use Of Word Negro: 'Not Very Woke!'

On Wednesday, Donald Trump Jr. took aim at former Republican strategist Rick Wilson for his wife Molly's previous use of the word "negro."

"Hey @TheRickWilson - Do you and your wife usually use the term 'negro' to describe black Americans?" Trump Jr. tweeted. "Perhaps while sitting on your 'South Will Rise Again' confederate flag cooler? Not very woke! #RacistRickWlson [sic]."

Trump Jr. included a picture of a tweet from Molly in which she referred to American journalist and former CNN contributor Roland Martin as a "negro."

"Famed Angler or Corpulent CNN Negro Gasbag Roland Martin?" she tweeted. "I'll assume the former."

The picture is from the webpage time capsule site Archive Capture and dates the tweet to February 1, 2011.

Trump Jr.'s tweet was a response to Wilson, who had sent the former Apprentice personality a new anti-Donald Trump ad on Twitter. The ad was from The Lincoln Project, a political action committee made of current and former Republicans — including Wilson — who are opposed to the president. The new ad raises questions about Trump's physical health after his Saturday commencement speech at West Point, which notably showed him appearing to require both hands to steady his glass of water.

Before Trump Jr.'s spat with Wilson, the former GOP strategist was on the receiving end of Republican attacks when it was revealed that he previously posted a picture to Instagram with a Confederate cooler. As reported by National Review, the controversy around post comes after The Lincoln Project created an ad that linked Trump to the Confederate "Flag of Treason."

According to conservative activist Caleb Hull, Wilson and his wife claimed the photo of the cooler was fake. In response, Hull noted the photo was still live on Wilson's Instagram at the time of his tweet.

"It all started when he tried to cancel Domino's," Hull tweeted.

As reported by Fox News, Wilson recently brought back a 2012 interaction between Domino's Pizza and White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany. In the tweet, McEnany claimed that Dominos was the best New York City pizza, to which Domino's Pizza responded positively.

"That's one heck of a compliment!" the company tweeted. "Thanks for the love!"

Wilson resurfaced the tweet and suggested that the company "killed" their brand, appearing not to realize the tweet was eight years old. The next day, Dominos Pizza responded to Wilson's comment with mockery.

"Welp. It's unfortunate that thanking a customer for a compliment back in 2012 would be viewed as political. Guess that's 2020 for ya."