Qimmah Russo Goes On Life Guard Duty In Red Swimwear Reminiscent Of ‘Baywatch’

Qimmah Russo attends The Maxim Big Game Experience at The Fairmont.
Joe Scarnici / Getty Images for Maxim

Fitness trainer Qimmah Russo delighted her 1.5 million Instagram followers with her recent post. Wearing a red swimsuit reminiscent of those seen on the TV series, Baywatch, the celebrity declared she was now on lifeguard duty.

The Instagram sensation sat on the steps leading into a swimming pool in the first image. The red one-piece bathing suit was cut high over her trim hips, showing off plenty of her muscular legs. The top portion of the swimwear dipped low at the sides and the word “Private” was emblazoned across the front in white lettering.

Qimmah leaned back, supporting herself on muscular arms as a slight smile graced her lips. Covering her dark curls, she wore a white bucket hat that protected her face from the sun.

The second snap showed the model in a seductive pose. Leaning back on the light-colored tiles surrounding the water, she thrust her chest forward, enhancing her cleavage and showing off some sideboob. She bent one leg and showed off her taut calf muscle as she rested her foot against the pool’s edge. The other leg dangled in the water. Once again, the celebrity supported her weight on her elbows and smiled demurely.

Behind her, pale columns could be seen that matched the color of the tiling surrounding the pool.

The final image showed Qimmah standing in the shallows on one of the steps leading into the clear water. She removed her hat for that shot, holding it in one hand by her side. The fitness model stared intently upwards toward the camera.

Her followers were quick to respond to Qimmah’s newest upload. Within seven hours, the images had gathered nearly 24,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

“One beautiful lifeguard,” one follower wrote.

“Oh my drowning in your essence,” added a second fan.

“Can u be my lifeguard?” a third user quipped.

“Goddess!” remarked a fourth person, who also included a long string of emoji with their message for further emphasis.

In fact, many of her followers used emoji to convey how they felt about the image, seemingly at a loss for words. The most popular were the heart-eyes, heart, and fire ones.

Qimmah has been posting a lot of swimwear shots to her official Instagram account lately. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the popular fitness trainer recently uploaded a snap of herself a patterned bikini that left very little to the imagination, showcasing her fit figure in the daring set.