Cannabis-Flavored Mayonnaise To Be Offered In Dutch Chip Shops

Cannabis-flavored mayonnaise will soon be offered in a number of Dutch chippies.

Manneken Pis, a chain of popular Dutch chip shops dotted throughout the Netherlands, will begin offering the cannabis mayonnaise on their fries in the coming weeks. However, the pot-tinted mayo will not produce highs or give diners the munchies.

Manneken Pis owner Albert van Beek revealed the inspiration behind the unusual condiment to AFP on Tuesday:

“I had the idea because I smell the cannabis coming from the coffee shop opposite my chip shop in Amsterdam every day.”

Van Beek also added that the mayo would not contain THC, the principal psychoactive constituent of cannabis that can cause euphoria. He says:

“It’s just about the taste, we specialize in sauces and we constantly want to diversify.”

Dutch law is famously tolerant towards cannabis use and possession. The Dutch government classifies pot as a “soft” drug, and individual users of such substances are not prosecuted.

However, being caught with too much of the drug can bring trouble; for example, it is forbidden to possess more then five grams of cannabis in a public area or 30 grams in a private area. For cultivation, no more than five plants can be owned. If such limits are exceeded, individuals could face legal charges.

If you’re still confused, I know a couple of guys who can help:

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