Pauline Tantot Shows Off Killer Curves And Cleavage In Tiny Bikini

Pauline Tantot takes a mirror selfie lying on the floor in a white T-shirt.
Pauline Tantot / Instagram

French beauty Pauline Tantot sent temperatures soaring around the world on social media after she posted a series of sexy snapshots of herself on Wednesday. The bombshell took to her Instagram account to share the post with her 4.2 million followers, and it quickly caught their attention.

The 25-year-old radiated in the two-photo slideshow while hanging out by an outdoor shower. Pauline took center stage as she stood directly in front of the camera while a large rock wall filled up the background. She further exuded an unbothered-yet-sultry vibe as she kept her eyes closed and tilted her head backward.

Her long blond locks — which featured highlights and dark roots — did not appear to be styled as they cascaded down her back in slight, natural-looking waves.

Though it was hard to see her face in its entirety, Pauline also looked to be wearing some makeup for the series, a move that emphasized her natural facial features and elevated her beachside look. The application seemingly included foundation, blush, eye shadow, and light pink lipstick.

Still, despite her good looks, it was her curvy figure that stole the show as she flaunted her body with a revealing bathing suit.

Her bikini top, which tied around her neck and back, featured a vibrant tie-dye print and did not leave much to the imagination as it tightly hugged her chest. The swimsuit’s cups also revealed a great deal of the beauty’s cleavage and a bit of underboob.

She paired the bikini top with a matching pair of bottoms that also did not provide much coverage. The briefs, which featured a classic Brazilian-style cut, especially showed off the model’s bodacious derriere and curvaceous hips. Meanwhile, their high-waisted side straps drew eyes toward Pauline’s slim midriff section.

She did not reveal where she was photographed, opting to keep her location a mystery. Meanwhile, in the post’s caption, she simply stated that she was “ready” for the warm weather.

The new content was met with an ample amount of support and enthusiasm from fans, accumulating more than 200,000 likes since going live a few hours ago. Additionally, more than 700 followers also took to the comments section to shower Pauline with compliments on her physique, beauty, and swimsuit.

“So wonderful,” one user wrote.

“Beautiful shape, divine,” a second admirer added.

“Flawless,” a third follower chimed in.

“Can I be you,” a fourth fan asked.

The model has displayed her famous figure in a number of sexy shots for social media as of late. On June 11, she stunned her fans with a racy image that showed her topless, per The Inquisitr. The photo garnered more than 374,000 likes.