Abby Rao Rocks Tulum With Her Dangerous Curves In Peach Bikini Pictorial

Clubhouse Beverly Hills' Abby Rao poses for a slefie.
Abby Rao / Instagram

As chronicled on YouTube and various social accounts, the Clubhouse Beverly Hills crew recently toured Tulum, Mexico, and documented its experience there. On Wednesday, Clubhouse co-founder and model Abby Rao generated a significant response among her 2.1 million followers on Instagram when she posted another of many updates that were geotagged at the location.

In the two-pic slideshow, the 22-year-old owned what appeared to be the Mexican beachfront by striking a series of alluring poses. She sported a peach-colored bikini with a crop top and tight bottoms that did little to mask her body and accentuated her dangerous curves.

In the first photo featured in the update, Rao stood in or near a pool while facing the camera. In the background, palm trees and the seemingly endless blue-green expanse of the ocean and sky provided contrast against the color of her slightly-bronzed skin and peach swimwear ensemble. As the picture was taken, her long blond hair flowed down across her face, obscuring her right eye and resting over her shoulder and bust on the same side. Meanwhile, her left hand was held above her head and grasping at her locks.

Rao simultaneously kept her full lips slightly parted as she flashed a seductive look on her face.

The second picture featured a similar backdrop, as the camera appeared to remain in place. However, Rao had turned around for the shot, offering a different angle on her slender frame in the tight two-piece. With her eyes closed and her right hand resting atop her hair, she tilted her head backward and faced the sky. As she did so, her hair flowed down over her back, its ends nearly reaching her derriere in the process.

As a result of her pose, Rao’s upper and lower assets stood out. Her bottom was left nearly bare, save for the small piece of fabric that curled around her waist and masked her NSFW areas.

Rao’s slideshow update proved a hit with her fans, racking up nearly 90,000 likes in under an hour after hitting her feed. Meanwhile, more than 500 comments were left by her admirers, who overwhelmingly voiced their approval for the spread.

“Abbyyy you’re soo pretty,” wrote one fan.

“Your body is goals,” opined another.

“Incredible bikini Abby!” commented a third admirer.

As shared by The Inquisitr on June 14, Rao similarly flaunted her backside the same cheeky bikini and danced with Isaak Presley in a recent TikTok update.