Joselyn Cano Rocks Knotted Bikini Top In Sultry New Upload

Joselyn Cano flaunted her incredible figure in a sexy bikini top on Instagram. The update was added to her feed under an hour ago, and it has earned her a lot of love from her 12 million fans.

The steamy new share appeared to be a selfie that was taken indoors. Joselyn did not use a geotag that revealed her exact location, but it looked like she was in a living room. The area behind the model was decorated with a wooden table and a deep tan couch. The walls were painted a bright blue color, and a vibrant picture was hung above the sofa.

A man in a blanket looked to be relaxed on the couch, but the model did not tag him in the post. He sported a bright blue tank top and held his phone in his hand.

Joselyn appeared in the center of the frame and extended one arm forward and out of view, as if she was snapping the selfie herself. The model placed her opposite hand near her side, and the rest of her body was tilted at an angle. She turned her head to the left and looked at the camera with a big smile.

The model flaunted her curvy figure in a sexy a tiny bikini top. The piece had a deep green hue that served as the perfect compliment to her tan complexion. The swimsuit had thin straps that stretched over her trim shoulders and a dangerously low neckline that showed off her voluptuous chest. The garment was knotted in the middle, which helped draw even more attention to her beautiful curves.

Joselyn did not add any visible accessories to her simple look. She slicked back her long, brunette tresses into a ponytail on top of her head, keeping the locks out of her face. The social media star added several curls to her ponytail, and a few pieces tumbled over her shoulder and down to her chest.

It looked like she was sporting a small application of makeup that complimented her blemish-free skin. She appeared to wear defined brows that matched the color of her hair and a light red lipstick.

Joselyn kept her caption simple and added only a red heart emoji. The post has been well-received so far. The image has been double-tapped over 39,000 times, and over 1,100 Instagrammers have left comments.

"Who is he? My competition," one Instagram user jokingly asked.

"What a lucky guy haha. You are so beautiful mama," a second fan chimed in on the photo.

"You're so cute and so beautiful Josey," one more fan chimed in.