'Too Hot To Handle' Star Harry Jowsey Breaks Silence On Split From Francesca Farago: 'I Broke Up With Her'

Harry Jowsey said he broke up with his girlfriend, Francesca Farago, for a "magnitude" of reasons.

The Too Hot to Handle star, who met his future love more than a year ago when filming the Netflix dating show, opened up about the former couple's breakup in an emotional YouTube video after Francesca addressed the split in her own video.

In the 10-minute clip, Harry, 22, admitted he was "infatuated" with his co-star when they were on the show. But after the series wrapped, the couple paused their relationship as things got rocky. The Australia native said he didn't want to be "petty" as he cryptically tried to explain what went wrong.

"There's a big reason why I had to end things with Francesca," Harry said. "I was at a very dark point in my life where there was a lot of stuff going on around me…and she was off doing her own thing."

Harry revealed that although he was still "very damaged" following the first split, the two tried to give their relationship another go. But when he reunited with Francesca, things felt different.

"I saw Francesca and I remember holding her," the Too Hot to Handle star said. "And I could feel how much she still loved me and I just didn't have that feeling anymore."

Harry said he didn't want to let go of Francesca because he knew what they had together was "super, super rare." But he added that when he and Francesca were together they were "always on edge." While Harry admitted some of the happiest moments in his life were spent with his ex-girlfriend, the bad times were really bad and would throw him into a depressed state.

Harry also said he "never lied" to Francesca about anything during their relationship -- there have been cheating rumors -- then urged fans of the former couple not to pick sides.

"I just had to end it because number one, I knew that if I continued to be with Francesca, it would end up with her being seriously heartbroken or me continuing to be seriously depressed in the relationship," the Too Hot to Handle star said.

In comments to the video, some fans speculated that Harry stopped liking Francesca once the chase was over. Others accused him of just staying with his Too Hot To Handle girlfriend until the reality show dropped on Netflix more than a year after filming because it wouldn't have looked good if they had already broken up by the time show aired.

In her explanation for the split, Francesca blamed part of the couple's issues on the strain of a long-distance relationship during the coronavirus pandemic. She also said she'll reveal more of her side of the story in a few days.