‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Preview For Thursday: Jack Abbott Meets With The Forrester Clan

Peter Bergman starred in 'The Bold and the Beautiful.'
Robert Voets / CBS

The Bold and the Beautiful preview for Thursday, June 18, heralds the arrival of mighty Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) from Genoa City. Jack was in Los Angeles to discuss business between the Forrester and Abbott families, per Soaps. However, things soon went haywire on the popular soap opera.

The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless ran out of new episodes on April 23, due to the lockdowns over the coronavirus pandemic. CBS is currently broadcasting classic episodes based on specific themes. This week, The Bold and the Beautiful celebrates the crossovers between the sister soaps.

Jack Abbott Meets The Forresters

Jack made his way from Genoa City at the request of the Forrester clan. They had a new business idea that would make sense for both Forrester Creations and Jabot. Intrigued, Jack wanted to know what they had in mind.

Eric Forrester (John McCook), Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang), Thorne Forrester (then played by Winsor Harmon), and Ridge Forrester (then played by Ronn Moss) had a proposition for Jack. They hoped to collaborate with Jabot for future projects and tried to convince Jack to join forces with them.

Ridge Distracted, Brooke Annoyed

However, Ridge’s mind was not at the meeting. He was hoping to be in time for a party that Dr. Pierce Peterson (Paul Satterfield, Jr.) was throwing in Taylor Hayes Forrester’s (Hunter Tylo) honor.

Ridge paced around the room and fretted about his other commitments. Brooke was irritated by Ridge’s commitment to his wife, Taylor, and wanted him to focus on the meeting that they were having with Jack.

Sally, Darla & James Crash The Party

Sally Spectra (Darlene Conley) and Darla Einstein (Schae Harrison) crashed Taylor’s party. The larger-than-life Sally didn’t need permission or an invitation to attend a gala and decided that she was going to make a grand entrance. They soon spied Macy Alexander (Bobbie Eakes).

In the meantime, Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery) was meddling in her son’s affairs. Although she was glad that Taylor and Ridge were back together again and that Brooke was out of his life, she wanted to make sure that they would stay the distance.

Stephanie had noticed that there was a spark between Pierce and Taylor. She was convinced that Pierce had been flirting with Taylor and that he would make a move on her daughter-in-law. So, Stephanie convinced Dr. James Warwick (Ian Buchannan) that he also needed to crash the event. She told him about her suspicions and asked him to make sure that Pierce kept his hands to himself.

The episode originally aired on December 24, 1998.