WWE Rumors: Unhappy 'Friday Night SmackDown' Superstar Quietly Moved To 'Monday Night Raw'

WWE usually has a draft or Superstar Shakeup whenever the time comes to freshen up the brands. In recent weeks, however, superstars have been randomly moved to other shows, and some have even appeared on all three brands. According to PWInsider, Mustafa Ali is the latest superstar to move brands, as he's reportedly been shifted to Monday Night Raw.

The superstar was a member of the Friday Night SmackDown brand after being promoted to the main roster from 205 Live in 2018. During his tenure on the blue brand, he was given a significant push and had a program with Daniel Bryan, who was the World Champion at the time. His momentum was halted due to an injury, however, and he hasn't appeared on television in quite some time.

Ali hasn't wrestled since February, but he appears to be healthy enough to compete again. As documented by The Sportster, he recently expressed his discontentment about being forced to sit on the sidelines at the moment. Perhaps his reported move to Monday Night Raw is a sign that he's about to return to action.

"It's real nice to be in your prime and wanting to use the exposure you get to bring light to serious topics, but instead forced to the sidelines for reasons beyond your control. Real nice to not be allowed to do what you're passionate about."
Ali has made it clear that he wants to be back on television, so WWE may have acknowledged this and brought him back as a result. However, if that's the case, it could mean the end to a major storyline that the company reportedly had planned for the superstar.
As The Inquisitr previously reported, Ali was recently rumored to be the mysterious Friday Night SmackDown hacker. The character has been revealing the secrets and misdemeanors of WWE superstars on live television, and some fans and pundits speculated that Ali is the culprit based on some hints that appeared on social media.

It's also possible that WWE may bring the hacker storyline to Monday Night Raw, though the company might opt to use another superstar in the role. Since the hacker hasn't been revealed yet, any superstar can be unveiled as the character, and there are plenty of underutilized talents who could benefit from the storyline.

Ali might be one of several superstars who'll move to the red brand in the coming weeks. AJ Styles was recently traded to Friday Night SmackDown with future draft considerations in mind for Monday Night Raw. Ali switching shows could be part of the Styles exchange.