Charly Jordan Slays While Dancing In Daisy Dukes & Cropped T-Shirt

Blond bombshell Charly Jordan had a bit of fun in her latest TikTok video, and it looked like her fans loved this somewhat silly, yet still sexy clip. The new post went up on her page late Tuesday night and it generated a lot of love overnight.

The TikTok upload featured Charly standing outdoors, and it appeared she may have been on a high balcony or rooftop patio of some sort. She did not indicate where this video was shot, but she did indicate in the caption that it was sunset. A number of her recent Instagram posts have noted she has been in Mexico, and that may well be the case for this new clip as well.

Charly used the popular TikTok beat "flying.clouds" for this video and she suggested in her caption that both the beat and the sunset were on fire. As the video started, she was leaning against a glass wall with some gorgeous scenery behind her.

The 20-year-old model had her long blond hair pulled on top of her head in a messy bun, although a few wisps loosely framed her face. It appeared that her makeup look was fairly light in this case, and to match this, she was dressed in a similarly casual, yet sexy ensemble.

Charly wore a yellow cropped T-shirt that showed off her midriff. She added short denim Daisy Dukes that allowed her to flaunt her long, lean legs. The ensemble as a whole gave the slim model a fantastic chance to tease her fans with her phenomenal physique.

Charly leaned back over the glass wall and looked down over her shoulder right before she turned to face the camera. She raised her arms as the music began and moved forward as she did some hops and stomps. She smiled broadly as she approached the camera and leaned in closely, clearly showing that she had a fantastic evening.

The model currently has 1.3 million followers on TikTok, and this dance clip was viewed more than 237,000 times overnight. More than 55,000 people showed their appreciation for this one by liking it, and almost 300 people commented as well.

"I LOVE THIS SO MUCH," one fan noted.

"You look so happy!" another person detailed.

"No one can tell me she's not the finest girl," someone else declared.

"She Rocked my world," read a comment from a fourth admirer.

Charly has been having a lot of fun over the past few months, hanging out with the iconic TikTok "Club House" crew. This group, which has become quite tight throughout these months of social distancing, includes other popular social media personalities like Kinsey Wolanski, Abby Rao, Daisy Keech, Mariana Morais, and a few others. Even as some of the crew did some traveling this past week, it looks like it's been a sizzling-hot time filled with plenty of laughs.