Texas Woman Meredith McKee Tearfully Reveals She Tested Positive For COVID-19 A Second Time

A Texas woman Meredith McKee announced that she has tested positive for COVID-19 for a second time, KFOR reported. She took to Facebook, and with a tearful photo, explained to people that she is sick again after beating the novel coronavirus earlier this year.

In the picture, McKee sat in a hospital room with a mask on, and she had tears on her face. She let people know that after recovering from COVID-19 at home in February, she had contracted the virus again. Before becoming reinfected, McKee had tested positive for antibodies, and she donated convalescent plasma two times to help others battling the disease. Her donations helped as many as eight people suffering from the illness, and she was thrilled to be able to provide help.

"For the SECOND time in 12 weeks I have contracted Covid19," McKee wrote. "Yes, you can get it again and it hit me like a ton of bricks… again. I'm here to tell you this is NOT over, it is very real & nothing to be flippant about."

In this photo illustration, components of a Coronavirus, Covid-19, 10 minute blood test sit a table on March 16, 2020 in Derby, England. Surescreen Diagnostics based in Derby claim the new blood test can give a result for Covid-19 within 10 minutes. The test can be self administered with capillary blood taken from a fingertip. The result in the test cassette is viewed in a similar way to a pregnancy test. The Derbyshire company is increasing production and says the ten minute test 'costs a few pounds' GBP.
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She reported that she had a persistent dry cough, and last Friday, her blood pressure got very high. Because of the spike, she went to the hospital.

"There are so many unknowns & the CDC cannot tell whether the virus was dormant all this time or if it was a new contraction. It is very different this time but no less horrendous. Plenty of tears & hurting. People, PLEASE take this seriously."

According to The Guardian, there is still no consensus from experts about the possibility of catching COVID-19 twice. The general thought is that once a person has the virus and produces antibodies, they have some period of immunity from it. However, nobody knows how long that period might be. So far, doctors are not sure if there have been definitive cases of reinfection, and they believe the virus may cause a long-term, chronic infection that reemerges periodically.

Further complicating situations are cases like McKee's, when people often start to feel better before the symptoms appear again. Some patients reported experiencing symptoms for weeks and months after their initial infections.

For McKee, she is devastated at the thought that she might have exposed her family or friends to the coronavirus. She appeared to be focused on beating the virus again and educating people about the possibility of reinfection or still testing positive after several months. At least 100,000 Facebook accounts shared her post, spreading the warning throughout the world.