Nick Cordero’s Coronavirus Battle Hits Day 77 & His Recovery Is A Roller Coaster, Details Wife Amanda Kloots

Amanda Kloots and Nick Cordero attend the Beyond Yoga x Amanda Kloots Collaboration Launch Event.
Noam Galai / Getty Images for Beyond Yoga

Broadway star Nick Cordero is now on day 77 of his coronavirus battle. On Tuesday, his wife Amanda Kloots shared some updates regarding his status. The family is in something of a holding pattern at this point, but Amanda made it clear she’s not giving up hope on seeing Nick recover.

Amanda’s Instagram story updates contained some raw and vulnerable moments. She noted that the couple’s son Elvis — who just turned 1 — took his first steps on Tuesday. She missed the very first steps, but his grandparents saw them. Of course, Nick missed them as well, since he remains in the ICU at Cedars-Sinai.

Naturally, Amanda was excited that Elvis hit this big milestone and she said she was thrilled that he took steps for her as soon as she got home. At the same time, she mentioned how hard it was for her to know Nick missed this exciting moment. She acknowledged that in a sense, she’s hitting a point where she is almost emotionless about the situation.

Nick’s wife assured everybody that she isn’t giving up any kind of hope or positivity for her husband. She said she wasn’t even close to doing that. At the same time, however, she said it’s been tough, as his recovery continues to be a roller coaster.

Amanda said that some days are good and some are not so good. Some days look a little better, and some don’t. Sometimes she’s filled with hope, and some days she struggles to hold onto that hope. She also explained that it feels like her heart breaks a bit more every day, as she pictures Nick lying in the hospital, struggling. She also detailed that she’s heartbroken as she considers all the moments of Elvis’ little life her husband is missing.

Despite these struggles, she said that there are some good things to focus on. She loves Nick’s main doctor, who has been on his case since the first day, and she said he’s an amazing champion for her husband. Amanda has talked frequently about how much she relies on her faith and said she is always researching in hopes of finding some kind of treatment option that hadn’t been considered yet.

At this point, they are essentially just waiting for Nick to become stronger and more stable so they have more options for further treatment. Amanda said that her husband is fighting hard and has been awake for a while now. At the same time, he’s not very active and it sounds as if he’s unable to engage much. Amanda said that Nick can open his eyes, look up and down, and answer some questions. Unfortunately, he seemingly hasn’t regained enough strength to do much more than that yet.

Nick is clearly still fighting and Amanda remains determined to support her husband in this ongoing battle. The family has a lot of people rooting for them and praying, and she made it clear in this latest round of updates that they still need the support.