‘True Blood’ Season 6 Sees Anna Camp Return

True Blood season six will see the return of Anna Camp. Camp played the anti-vamp vigilante Sarah Newlin. Newlin was married to preacher and now out and proud vampire Steve Newlin.

Camp’s character was also the love interest of Jason Stackhouse (played by Ryan Kwanten) at that end of that particular season. It doesn’t appear that the actress, who is juggling roles on multiple series, will be returning for the entire season but will instead be a guest star on a couple of episodes.

Camp recently gave an interview where she said that her return to the show was needed because her character has “a lot of unfinished business.” True Blood season six will certainly allow the actresses character to do that.

There seem to be all kinds of different story lines that Camp could be a part of, and it seems likely that, at the very least, she will be taking on her former husband.

Since becoming a vampire, Steve Newlin has been proud of killing and proud of his homosexuality. That dynamic, should his strong and independent wife return, could be an interesting and comedic side story for the season.

It seems likely that Sarah Newlin will also be looking to get hot and heavy with Jason again. Sooki’s brother seems to be a magnet for women he simply shouldn’t have anything to do with.

It would make sense to see that storyline develop yet again. Camp’s Sarah Newlin against Deborah Ann Woll’s Jessica could be another interesting way for the season to go.

It seems like the show tends to have characters returning to the series along with some kind of supernatural aspect. Will she also turn up as a brand new vampire? Or will she continue to just be a regular old Southern Belle?

True Blood season six is set to start on Sunday, June 16 at 9/8c on HBO.