April 6, 2014
Man Threatens To Kill George W. Bush To Get Barbara Pierce Bush's Attention

A New York City man threatened to kill George W. Bush so that he could "get into a relationship" with the former president's daughter. Benjamin Smith, 44, allegedly wanted to take the life of the 43rd President of the United States so that he could attract the attention of Barbara Pierce Bush Smith was arrested at this Greenwich Village home after a container of gasoline and a loaded rifle were found inside his vehicle.

Benjamin Smith reportedly screamed, "Bush will get his," as New York City police officers cuffed and stuffed him into a cruiser. Law enforcement investigators report that the New York City man who threatened to kill President Bush had a loaded Rossi.38-caliber in his car. Secret Service agents searched more than 12 hours for Smith after he left his mother a note informing her of his plans to kill George W. Bush.

A line in Smith's note to his mother read, "I have to slay a dragon and then Barbara Bush will be mine. America is finished." The woman turned the note in to Monroe County police officers on Thursday evening. The manhunt included tracking Benjamin Smith's cellphone more than 350 miles to a Kips Bay store near Manhattan.

After the NYC man who threatened to kill former President George W. Bush was taken into custody said, "I'm divorced and not currently seeing anyone, but I am working on a relationship with Barbra Bush. Defense attorney Peggy Cross-Goldenberg, now representing Smith claims that President Bush and his family were never in any real danger from the suspect. "As far as I can tell George W. Bush is not in New York City. It would be different if we were in Texas near George Bush's ranch. Certainly, the way to woo a girl is not to kill her father," Cross-Golenberg said.

United States Attorney Andrea Griswald noted during Smith's arraignment that Barbara Pierce Bush does live in New York City; a statement which appears to contradict the "no real danger" claims by the defense attorney. Chief United States Magistrate Judge Henry Pitman ordered Benjamin Smith held without bail on weapons possession and threatening a former US president charges. During the arraignment, Smith reportedly laughed each time the US Attorney repeated the "slay the dragon" line from the threatening letter.

The federal court complaint also states that Smith threatened to "kill, kidnap, and inflict bodily harm" on George W. Bush. Barbara Pierce Bush has not ever had any known contact with Benjamin Smith.

[Image Via: Joseph August/Shutterstock.com]