Derek Hough Teases About Flexibility In Leggy New Instagram Share

Fans questioned the image, wondering if it was real or doctored.

Derek Hough is pictured
Jordin Althaus / NBC

Fans questioned the image, wondering if it was real or doctored.

Derek Hough teased his followers about flexibility in a leggy new Instagram share. The dance pro stated that he had been spending his time in quarantine over the past three months working on his flexibility. In a new photo, Derek impressed his followers with a move that appeared to be impossible to execute. More than 79,192 likes later, the professional dancer’s latest image proved to be a real head-scratcher for even his most ardent fans who questioned if the image was real or doctored.

In the share, Derek looked straight at the camera with his piercing blue eyes. His hair was brushed over to the right and gelled perfectly into a neat style. Derek’s facial hair was neat and trimmed, and he wore a look of quiet determination as he appeared to bend his body into a position that not many professional dancers are able to execute.

Derek’s body was in a plank position. He laid on his stomach and raised his chest off the floor with his hands, which were placed flat on the floor beneath his shoulders. Derek then appeared to pull his legs forward toward his head, up and over his shoulders. Long legs appeared to be perfectly straight with the toes pointed toward the camera.

Derek appeared to wear jeans. The light-colored pants were clearly seen in the share, paired with gray socks that had white polka dots on them. Derek wore a dark blue t-shirt and a white watch to finish off his look.

In the caption of the image, Derek revealed that he had been increasing his flexibility while in quarantine. He’s at home with his girlfriend, professional dancer Hayley Erbert. Hayley appears on Dancing with the Stars, Derek’s former television series, as a troupe member. He also reminded fans that he currently appears alongside Jennifer Lopez and Ne-Yo as a judge on the latest season of World of Dance, which airs on NBC on Tuesday evenings.

Fans of the dancer could not get over the photo and shared their feelings in the comments section of the share, questioning if the photo was doctored with Hayley’s body placed strategically atop Derek’s to make it appear he had executed the move on his own.

“Hailey has some cute socks!” remarked one follower, who believed that it was Hayley’s feet seen atop Derek’s shoulders.

“That’s your girlfriend’s legs Derek,” said a second fan.

“Um, I don’t think those are your legs and feet. Hayley?” questioned a third person.

“Haha, that’s a good optical illusion. Great job!” stated a fourth Instagram user.