'Siesta Key' Star Alex Kompothecras Fired By MTV For Alleged Past Racist Behavior

Siesta Key star Alex Kompothecras had been fired by MTV for his alleged past racist behavior. The star of the Florida-themed reality show was axed by the network days after he welcomed his first child with girlfriend Alyssa Salerno -- and on the same day the back half of the show's third season premiered.

The casting move comes after it was revealed that Alex, 25, used the n-word in a comment on a resurfaced Instagram photo. The law student also reportedly commented with a laughing emoji on other racist posts, according to Us Weekly.

In a message posted on the official Siesta Key Instagram page, MTV announced the decision to cut ties with Alex, who appeared in all three seasons of the show and was a main cast member. The network revealed his presence will be minimized for the remainder of Season 3 -- which was filmed last year -- and that he will not return for future seasons of the show.

In the wake of the firing, the Siesta Key premiere was cut from two hours to 54 minutes as Alex's scenes were cut out, despite the fact that he was part of a major love triangle storyline. The back of Alex's head was shown in one scene in the premiere episode.

In comments to MTV's post, Siesta Key fans were confused as to how the show could go on without Alex. The entire show is set around the wealthy son of Siesta Key doctor and businessman Gary Kompothecras.

"Leaving fans high and dry and extremely disappointed," one fan wrote. "All the build-up for season 3 to leave your fans completely disappointed."

"It's one thing to cut him from any remaining seasons (if the show makes it after tonight's awful editing)," added another viewer. "It's an entire other to edit him out a storyline where he was the main character. We've waited to see the pregnancy announcement, him speaking to his parents, the gender reveal party, his and Alyssa's arguments. You just ruined the damn show. Goodbye Siesta Key."

"No Alex no show," a third fan remarked simply.

But others were happy to see Alex go, including reality star Robby Hayes, who butted heads with Alex over his relationship with Juliette Porter earlier this season.

"Karma," Robby wrote on Instagram.

Siesta Key was actually dreamed up by Alex's dad, who thought his son and his friends would be perfect in a reality show. Three years ago, Gary hired a producer to make his idea happen and pitched the show to MTV, according to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. Gary is also currently listed as an executive producer on the show.