Cindy Prado Heats Up The Kitchen By Cooking In A Sexy Bikini

Cindy Prado takes a selfie.
Cindy Prado / Instagram

In her latest Instagram post, Cindy Prado stunned her 1.4 million Instagram followers by heating things up in the kitchen as she whipped up breakfast in a sexy bikini. The shots were taken in Captiva Island, Florida, as the geotag indicated, and Cindy was cooking up a storm in a stunning, modern kitchen.

In the first snap, Cindy held a whisk in one hand as she stirred a yellow mixture in a small white bowl. Chopped green bell peppers were on the cutting board nearby, and she had a few pots already simmering on the stove. Rather than rocking an apron, Cindy got cooking in a mauve bikini from the online retailer Fashion Nova. She made sure to tag the brand’s Instagram page in the picture itself as well as in the caption of the post.

The bikini top featured triangular cups and thin straps that stretched around her neck. It also had a tie detail between her breasts, which drew more attention to the tantalizing amount of cleavage on display in the look. She paired the bikini top with matching bottoms that had a simple yet sexy silhouette. They dipped low in the front, showing off plenty of Cindy’s toned stomach, and stretched high over her hips. She also had a white garment draped around her body, although the piece had fallen down her arms to showcase her bronzed skin.

Cindy’s long locks hung loose in voluminous curls, and she kept the accessories simple, adding a chunky gold statement ring and some earrings.

In the second shot, Cindy continued to whisk the mixture in the bowl as a nearby burner was turned on. She made eye contact with the camera in the third snap, and the camera captured her in action for the fourth and final slide in the series as she tossed the bell peppers into a pan.

Cindy’s followers absolutely loved the steamy kitchen pictures, and the post received more than 20,700 likes within three hours as well as 273 comments from her eager fans.

“Food network has never looked that hot,” one fan wrote, followed by a trio of flame emoji.

“Can I have your bod??” another fan questioned, captivated by Cindy’s toned figure.

“Wish you could cook breakfast for me,” a third fan added flirtatiously.

“You are gorgeous,” another follower commented.

Cindy has been sharing some of her adventures outside the kitchen on Captiva Island with her followers as well. Just yesterday, as The Inquisitr reported, she posted a double update in which she rocked a sexy pink bikini and held a large red oar in her hand as she prepared to hit the open water on a paddleboard.