Paulina Porizkova, 55, Stuns In Rainbow Bikini Photo As She Pays Tribute To Her LGBTQ Friends

The supermodel came up with a clever way to get her Pride post noticed.

Paulina Porizkova attends Children's Defense Fund "Beat The Odds" gala at The Pierre Hotel on March 12, 2014 in New York City.
Rob Kim / Getty Images

The supermodel came up with a clever way to get her Pride post noticed.

Paulina Porizkova posted a bikini photo to get her fans’ attention as she paid tribute to her LGBTQ friends. The legendary model, 55, shared a stunning photo to Instagram, complete with an added rainbow, as she celebrated Pride month.

In the new post on her social media page, Paulina was photographed wearing a glittery gold bikini as she stood in the ocean. The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition veteran was all smiles as she waded up to her knees in the sparkling blue water with a faux rainbow in the background.

In the caption to the pic, Paulina revealed that all her life she had crushes on men who were gay, only to inevitably find out that they weren’t into her. Still, she noted that having a gay crush is what she calls “great taste in men.” The mom of two also admitted that she loves gay men so much that she secretly hoped for a gay son, but that her son had to “break” the news to her that he’s straight.

The model, who was married to late Cars frontman Ric Ocasek for nearly 30 years, also thought her lesbian girlfriends were “hot,” and admitted that she was blinded by “gay fabulousness” and wasn’t always in tune with the pain that can be felt for those growing up alone and afraid to be themselves.

Paulina added that she is proud of her “amazing, fabulous gorgeous talented LBGTQ friends” who chose to grow into the light and sparkle and shine even though some of them grew up in darkness. The supermodel also explained that she chose this particular photo because she wanted to draw attention to it so people would read her caption. Paulina joked that she feels like she has to be in a bikini to get noticed.

Paulina did not tag the location of her photo, but in comments to the post, she noted that it was taken on Little Corn Island in Nicaragua.

In the comments to the photo, fans and famous followers reacted to Paulina’s message. Other fans praised Paulina for using such an eye-catching way to get her post noticed on their Instagram feed.

“Your Vogue covers proudly hung in my high school locker,” one fan wrote. “Thanks for exposing this gay boy to a glamorous world of possibilities outside the confines of my hometown. I’d be proud to be your honorary gay son.”

Paulina replied “Excellent” to the sweet comment.

“[Paulina Porizkova], I too was a young gay boy with your poster on my wall,” another fan added. “You in a zebra swimsuit, Carol Alt, and Jessica Rabbit.”

“That’s one of the most unique images I’ve seen to discuss LBGTQ issues, well stated and honest as usual,” one fan wrote.

“You floor me with your honesty and love,” another fan told the model.