Temperature Plunges 55 Degrees In Colorado

Temperatures plunged 55 degrees in Colorado on Tuesday, with blizzards and jets of frigid air hitting most areas of the state. The 55-degree drop occurred in less than 24 hours, confirmed weather analysts.

Blizzard warnings were issued across Colorado on Tuesday. Wyoming got more than a foot of snow, while forecasters warned hurricane-force blasts of freezing air could hit Utah. As Eric Fisher, a meteorologist for The Weather Channel, confirmed:

“It’s just brutal to be outside.”

The sudden temperature drop was blamed on a deep dip in a jet stream that veered west, pulling arctic air further into the country than usual. And there could be worse to come: when that pocket of cold air collides with warm, moist air from the Gulf of Mexico, tornadoes may be possible in the Great Plains and Texas.

State capital Denver suffered some of the most severe drops. There, the temperature plunged 55 degrees, from 71 degrees at 2pm Monday to 16 degrees at 7am Tuesday. Denver International Airport saw more than 250 incoming and outgoing flights canceled on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, authorities in Wyoming were forced to close two stretches of interstate, totaling 100 miles. Parts of the city lay beneath more than a foot of snow by the middle of Tuesday morning.

Colorado, Utah, the Dakotas, and Minnesota all got their share of snow, with snow still falling at midday Tuesday in all locations.

Though the temperature plunging 55 degrees is unusual, the snowy weather is not so odd for Denver. April is the second-snowiest month in the city, which has averaged 9 inches in April since 1882.

Forecasters predict the brutal weather system will shift east on Wednesday, introducing severe storms from the Texas Gulf Coast north through Indiana and into western Pennsylvania. By Thursday, Georgia, West Virginia, and the Carolinas could all be hit by “severe storms.”

Are you in Colorado right now? If so, how’s the weather looking in your area? Did you experience the big cold snap? Keep your fingers warm by letting us know in the comments!

Below is the latest weather bulletin for Colorado:

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