‘The Last Of Us’ Developer Video Shows Beautiful Wasteland [Video]

The Last of Us has released a new developer diary video and this particular creation is all about showing off the wastelands that the world has become. The video illustrates that these particular wastelands aren’t barren and grey.

Because of the unique zombies and monsters that are featured in the game, the wreckage that the world has become is actually quite colorful. The video shows just how the developers conceived of the world and put it together for the upcoming game.

The Last of Us has zombies that are not your average ordinary rotting zombies. These are people that have basically been taken over and mutated by a kind of fungus that has also covered the planet.

Because the fungus has different colors and is … vegetation the world is made to actually look quite pretty if you want to overlook the fact that it is also completely overgrown.

The game developers have been releasing a ton of video about the game since they announced that it would be out later this year. Some of those videos have been trailers and teasers and others have been developer diaries like the one recently released.

One of the earlier developer videos focused on the different kinds of enemies you will run across in this game, while this one basically covers the terrain you will run over.

Neil Druckmann, creative director talks in the video about what Naughty Dog and Sony were looking to do with the world the way it has been destroyed in this game. “It [the game] has some pretty dark themes but they are juxtaposed against an aesthetic that we find very beautiful.” Druckmann said.

Druckmann added that he thought that there was something really beautiful about nature reclaiming the world once people are gone.

Check out the new video for The Last of Us titled “Wasteland Beautiful” and tell us what you think.