Hope Beel Flaunts Killer Curves In Sexy, Cut-Out Bikini

Hope Beel poses for a selfie.
Hope Beel / Instagram

Summer weather seems to be upon most of the United States, and Hope Beel is ready for it. The Texas-based model flaunted her killer curves in a sexy bikini in her latest Instagram update, doing so while she soaked up the sunshine.

Hope’s share came in video format, one which was also a promotional advertisement for Bang energy drinks. While the clip might have been an ad, there was no doubt that Hope’s fabulous figure was the focal point. The geotag indicated that Hope was in Dallas, Texas, for the shoot — but she did not elaborate any further on her specific location.

The busty brunette’s titillating two-piece was presented in a peachy pink color that flattered her tan skin tone. The top had a halter-style neck and a low-cut neckline that emphasized her ample bust. The top also had a revealing cut-out section on the front that showcased her cleavage. The bottoms were a low-rise style with two thin strings perched on her hips.

The clip began with the camera panning up her body as she stood outside on a balcony. The scene showed off her shapely thighs and flat abs as she swayed her hips to one side. The camera moved up her torso to her face, and she seductively removed a pair of sunglasses while giving the camera a sultry look. The clip then jumped to Hope strutting her stuff on the balcony just before she took a sip from a bottle of Bang energy drink. Other scenes in the video showed Hope giving the camera sultry glances. Many shots zoomed in on her chest, giving her followers a full look at her assets.

Hope wore her hair pulled back in ponytail with a few tendrils framing her face. She appeared to be wearing a natural-looking application of makeup that included a light coat of mascara, blush, and a rose shade of lipstick.

In the caption, Hope plugged the drink and tagged the brand responsible for the swimsuit.

Dozens of fans took to the comments section to rave over how hot she looked.

“Lord You’re so unbelievably sweet so sexy super stunning,” one Instagram user wrote.

“You are truly awesome and sizzling beauty,” a second follower commented.

“the most enticing body in the world,” quipped a third admirer.

“The perfect combination of Sexy and beautiful. ALWAYS!!” a fourth fan gushed.

Hope does seem to have a knack for looking sexy in just about anything she wears. Last month, she tantalized her fans when she shared a snap that featured her looking sensational in a tiny black bikini while she posed on her bed.