Amy Schumer Shares Rare Photo Of Son Gene

Lucille Barilla

Amy Schumer shared a rare and adorable new photo of son Gene with her 10 million Instagram followers. The infant, who is 1 year old, was pictured as he took part in a group snuggle with his mom and dad -- Amy's husband, Chris Fischer. Amy posted the pic to the delight of her fans, who responded with over 158,368 likes and counting for the feel-good content.

In the image, the family of three was seen lying down on a bed. To the left was Chris, a professional chef. He and Amy starred in the limited-run Food Network series Amy Schumer Learns to Cook, which was filmed at their home during the height of the coronavirus pandemic. Chris was laughing in the photo, his hair in disarray as his wife and son snuggled close to him.

Gene smiled in the adorable pic, his blond hair gently tousled. Gene's dark eyes, very similar to his father's, looked directly at the camera. His cheeks were rosy, and it appeared that the baby might have just had a bottle as evidenced by the one sitting next to Amy's head. The little boy wore a set of adorable pajamas that had a neutral-colored background with a white print on top. The neckline of the sleepwear had a white band that matched those on the sleeves and ankles. Gene's feet were bare in the photo.

"So cute! I miss your cooking show! I love the banter between you and your husband," stated one follower.

"Wow so big what a gorgeous boy," remarked a second Instagram user of the adorable photo.

"He is the perfect combination of the two of you," said a third fan of the family.

"The best ever. Every noisy, snotty second. The best! You're a wonderful momma," stated a fourth follower.