'Sports Illustrated' Model Haley Kalil Shows Off Her Abs In The Sunset

Sports Illustrated model Haley Kalil showed off her abs in a stunning sunset photo. The redheaded beauty shared three images with her 324,000 followers where she was seen observing a spectacular outdoor light show. She also shared a heartfelt message of hope during these uncertain times with her fans.

In a caption which accompanied her stunning share, Haley stated that even when it is difficult, beauty can be found in the world. The model also loosely lamented the state of society and hoped for a better tomorrow where equality, kindness, and love would reign.

Haley was seen to the right of the panoramic sequence of three images. Her beauty competed with the stunning sunset, which boasted a colorful light show of blue, orange, pink, and yellow. The model did not indicate where the image was taken. In the pics, the sun appeared to sink into the dark colors of the seaside where Hayley was seen as she stood on the water's edge.

The model looked breathtaking in a casual shirt. Haley's cute top boasted a striped pattern. It featured dark blue, white, and aqua blue coordinating colors. The shirt appeared to have been tied to show off her abs. A band of black was seen below the area where her stomach was exposed. It was unclear whether Haley wore shorts or pants as the bottom half of her fashion look.

Haley's red hair cascaded casually down her back in the share. Bangs framed her face and some strands of hair fell down over her eyebrows and onto her forehead. She appeared to have on minimal makeup for the photo, save for some penciled-in eyebrows, a light-colored blush, and lipstick.

In the second image, the model had her eyes closed and faced the shoreline. Her right hand was placed behind her head as she turned her face up toward the sky.

The third and final photo showed Haley smiling widely for the camera. In the distance, two men carrying surfboards were walking along the shoreline.

The model's followers adored the series of photos. They shared their feelings regarding the positive energy Haley displayed in the share.

"To quote the song, Always Be Humble and Kind," remarked one follower.

"Thank you for your kind expression of love, we all need this," said a second fan.

"That's a beautiful thought. Thanks for sharing," noted a fourth Instagram follower of the famous model.

"Amen to all of this Haley. We all need reasons to smile it's the one thing that never needs a receipt," said a fourth fan.