Niece Waidhofer Shares A Racy Video Of Herself, Claps Back At A Hater

Niece WaidhoferInstagram

Brunette model Niece Waidhofer shared a racy video on her Instagram page on Monday evening, delighting her 1.9 million followers.

In the short video clip, Niece could be seen lying on her back in a bed with a sheet wrapped around her body. It looked like she was naked beneath the fabric. She lowered the sheet enough that her fans could glimpse her cleavage.

Niece gripped her breast in one hand while she looked at the camera and slowly licked her shoulder in a provocative manner. After dragging her tongue across her alabaster skin, the stunner stared directly into the camera with a sultry facial expression, complete with parted lips that showed off her row of straight white teeth.

For her makeup application, it appeared that Niece chose to focus primarily on her eyes by using a thick layer of mascara. She seemed to have blended various shades of gray eyeshadow to create her signature smokey eye look. As a final touch, it looked like she had shaded in her eyebrows and carefully groomed her arches to intensify her gaze.

Niece accompanied her sexy footage with a lengthy caption about a recent run-in with a hater.

According to her, she had previously tried to upload the video, but Instagram took it down, citing “mass reporting of ‘nudity or sexual activity.’”

She claimed that it turned out to be the responsibility of “one of the racists” she had “pissed off” who turned out to be “an influencer or whatever in the gaming scene and he tried to sic the entire ‘league of legends’ community on me.”

Niece joked that she actually loves “nerds,” and she was only mean to this one guy because he claimed he was proud of being racist.

The drama seemed to have started when Niece shared posts in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Anyway that’s how I got cancelled this week, and also anyway ‘I’ am now ranked in the top 13% of players in LoL. Super,” she concluded.

Aside from her video, she also shared a screenshot of her new League of Legends ranking that backs up her claim of being at the top of the charts.

Many of her fans believed that she was admitting she played the popular online game, so she eventually edited her caption to clarify what happened.

Someone “changed his username” to her name and then had his friends “mass report” her Instagram photos to try and get her account shut down.

Within two hours of going live, Niece’s latest post had garnered over 29,500 likes and more than 700 comments.

The majority of commenters were in awe of her jaw-dropping upload, and several came to her defense.

They commended her for standing up for herself against the haters.