12 Hours Later, The Anonymous Campaign Against The Australian Government Continues

12 hours after launching Operation Titstorm, the campaign by Anonymous against the Australian Government continues.

At the time of writing (8:20pm AEDT) aph.gov.au isn’t completely down (that is, with a down message) but in our testing hasn’t loaded after 15 minutes.

The publicity during the day across the Australian and International media would have appeared to increased support for the raid, with more participants adding to the DDoS attack against key Australian Government websites. Notably there are significantly more participants in the raid chat room this evening than several hours after the raid (as we reported at 12 noon AEDT.)

Earlier in the day there were stories within the Operation Titstorm IRC channel that fax machines at Parliament House in Canberra may have been taken offline. We are currently trying to confirm this with multiple sources.

There is some suggestion that the raid activities could go on for days, at least according to participants. How long though isn’t clear at this stage.

We will continue to keep an eye on things and report back with the latest when available.

Per the last post, Editors Note to News Corp: the last time I wrote about a raid like this, you published defamatory stories suggesting this site was behind it; so just to be clear here: this is called reporting with some fact checking, something your organization is incapable of at the best of times. Better still, the best you guys could put together today was the Reuters feed. Lazy…so very very lazy.