John Legend Twins With Son Miles In New Photo

John Legend attends the John Legend and Google premiere of his new music video 'A Good Night,' filmed entirely on Google Pixel 2 on April 5, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.
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John Legend twinned with son Miles in a new photo where father and son were seen as they spent some quality time together. The image showed the two enjoying a quiet family activity — coloring. It was unclear as to who took the photo. John smiled for the image as Miles stood next to him holding a marker.

Behind the two stood a pop-up, cardboard castle. It was fashioned around the two with lots of empty spaces where color could be added to create the fantasy home of Miles’ dreams. Within the faux brickwork, Instagram users could see Miles’ colorful scribbles. It appeared that John had fun coloring in the oversized dragon’s head in shades of green, pink, and purple. The markers were kept safe in a large plastic baggie for easy cleanup. The brand of markers indicated they are washable, which is helpful when parents have young ones around.

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Sunday coloring session

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Seated on the floor, John looked like any other young father enjoying some family time with his son. He wore a dark blue t-shirt and dark pants. His feet were bare. John’s dark hair appeared to be neat and trimmed, as was his beard.

Miles sported a white t-shirt with the words “stay wild” boldly printed on it. That was paired with dark pants. Miles also was barefoot in the photo. Father and son share the same good looks and many of their features are strikingly similar.

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Dynamic duo

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The two were together on what appeared to be a gray tiled floor. Next to John and Miles was an oversized tan ottoman. This would lead Instagram users to believe that the two were likely in a family living area of their home. It appeared there was a mirror on the floor behind the colorful cardboard castle. It reflected a painting of a lovely home, and above it, the panes of a window.

Fans of the EGOT winner and his family adored the photo and the sweet moment captured between father and son. They shared their thoughts in the post’s accompanying comments section.

“You ARE the father! Twinning with legacy,” remarked one fan.

“Is Miles available for hire? Those paint skills are fire!” stated a second Instagram user.

“He is so handsome like daddy. What an absolutely adorable photo,” said a third person.

“So darn cute! You are very Blessed with a beautiful family John,” said a fourth admirer who applauded John for his brood.