Pamela Anderson Wears Red Hoodie And Knee-High Boots In New Instagram Pic

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Actress and model Pamela Anderson wore a red hoodie and knee-high boots ensemble in a new Instagram share. The rare color photo she shared with the social media site showed the superstar seated alongside her dog, Star. The pup lovingly looked up at Pamela in the image. The animal rights activist appeared to add the title of the flirty French tune “Zou Bisou Bisou” in the caption as well.

In the pic, Pamela was seated on what appeared to be a wooden log. The hoodie she wore in the pic had white graphics on the front and running down the garment’s sleeves. The red lifeguard sweatshirt appeared to be a nod to her days as a star of the 1990s television series Baywatch, which helped skyrocket the former Playboy Playmate’s career into the stratosphere.

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#pamelaandersonfoundation ❤️ Zubisoubisou

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Alongside the sweater, Pamela wore a stunning set of tan knee-high boots which showed off her long and lean legs. Her head was covered by the hood of the sweatshirt and her arms were crossed in front of her. Pamela’s eyes were downcast as she looked at Star.

Pamela and her pup were seated in a lovely wooded area. Star lay down on the ground next to Pamela in an area covered with small, gray rocks. The serene spot was a perfect place not only for a photo, but also to sit and reflect for a few quiet moments. A fan recognized it as Transfer Beach in Canada, but Pamela did not comment on their observation.

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@jasmindotcom ???? living in dreams #escape

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“I look at Star and I can see my whole life pass before me, I can remember when he was 3 months, 6 months,… and whatever I was doing in my career I can kind of judge from the pictures and the memories that I have with Star. He’s been through everything with me,” said Pamela of her beloved pet in an older interview with Modern Dog Magazine.

As for the French song she appeared to quote in the caption, Pamela did not explain why she chose that particular tune.

Pamela’s son, Brandon Lee — whose father is Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee — commented that his mother should post more color photos. Her color scheme of choice is generally black-and-white.

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Nothing is secure ... ????

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“Aww your pup is giving you love eyes,” one follower wrote.

“Bless. Keep smiling beautifully!” commented a second fan.

“For the love of doggies & beauty,” remarked a third Instagram user.

“The most beautiful woman in the world,” a fourth devotee quipped.