DirectTV Dog Channel Will Cater To K9 Family Members

I know that a dog owner’s worst fear is that Fido won’t be able to watch his favorite shows when they go out for a night on the town. Thankfully, the masterminds at DirectTV have created a dog channel that can ensure your pet poodle turns into a lazy couch potato.

The satellite provider announced on Tuesday that it was preparing to offer TV programming for dogs.

The DogTV channel will cost customers $5.99 and will be made available in Q3 2013.

Targeted canine programming includes “scenes with and without other animals, animation sequences and a variety of moving objects.”

The DirecTV dog channel also plans to offer relaxation segments that show sleeping dogs and nature scenes that are accompanies by soothing music. DirecTV has not shown what type of soothing music will be used by we assume its Musak for dogs.

Believe it or not, a lot of thought went into the DogTV channel. DirecTV worked with renowned animal scientists and dog trainers to determine what will work. DogTV is already available via the internet at a cost of $9.99.

Cox Cable in California already offers Dog TV programming at a lower cost of just $4.99 per month.

DogTV is only one years old, but, with 20 million potentially new customers, it could be a big hit.

The DirectTV Dog Channel could soon morph to include a CatTV channel and then perhaps something for the salamanders and guinea pigs in our lives.

Cats already have taken a liking to the DogTV channel, but we feel they would probably prefer supporting their own kind.

In the meantime, I’m scared enough when I try to take the remote control from my wife. I wouldn’t dare try to steal it away from an animal with K9 teeth.

Will you be ponying up (oh another idea!!!) $5.99 for the DogTV channel on DirectTV?

[Image via ShutterStock]