Laci Kay Somers Stands In A Pool In A Thong Bikini

Laci Kay Somers poses on Instagram.
Laci Kay Somers / Instagram

Laci Kay Somers wowed her 10.8 million Instagram followers with her latest upload, sharing a video of herself showing off her thong bikini while standing in a pool. She posted the clip to her Instagram grid on Saturday, June 13.

The Instagram model wore a midnight blue two-piece with a matching top and bottoms. The bathing suit top was a skimpy bandeau top that was held up by strings that were tied behind Laci’s back. Her body was angled to the side, and fans could catch a glimpse of her bust.

She got racy with the thong bottoms, which showcased her booty. Additionally, the bottoms rode up high on her hips, flaunting her hourglass figure and fit physique.

Her long, icy gray-blond locks were soaking wet and tumbled down her back in carefree beachy waves. They hung all the way down to her derriere. Her skin looked dewy, as if she had just stepped out of the water.

The shot appeared to be taken at night, with the cobalt blue water illuminated by lights. Laci stood on the steps of the pool, posing with her back to the camera. She first looked down at her body, running her hands through her tresses. She then glanced at the camera with wide eyes, her mouth slightly ajar and her pearly white teeth glinting in the light. Next, she playfully stuck out her tongue, her eyes once again cast downward.

Though she did not tag the location of the video, she has been in Las Vegas for the past several days.

Despite her supposed dip in the pool, Laci’s makeup appeared to be intact. It looked as if the model wore mascara, bronzer, and lipstick.

At the time of this writing, the post has racked up more than 152,000 likes and close to 1,500 comments.

As her fans flocked to the comments section of the clip in droves, they showered the model in compliments and praise. While some followers chose to simply comment with emoji, others left lengthier messages.

“BEAUTIFUL SMILE,” wrote a social media user in all caps, punctuating their comment with multiple heart-eye and rose emoji, as well as smiley faces blowing kisses, and several pink hearts.

“Holy babe,” commented a second person in awe.

“Stop teasing,” shared a third follower, adding two green hearts.

“Extremely irresistible,” said a fourth fan.

As The Inquisitr has reported, Laci Kay Somers frequently shares shots of herself in tiny bikinis, particularly ones that show off her booty.