Qimmah Russo Flaunts Chiseled Quads In White Shorts For Latest Photo Series On Instagram

Patricia Grannum

Qimmah Russo flaunted her physique in a recent photo series posted on her Instagram page.

In the shared post, the Los Angeles-based fitness trainer rocked a pair of white shorts that showed off her sculpted quadriceps and calves. Her abs were also on display thanks to the cropped red hoodie that she wore with her shorts. She completed her sporty outfit with a pair of chunky white sneakers.

Qimmah's hair was drastically different from most of her previous photos, as she opted to wear it blond and straight. As for her makeup, she appeared to sport neutral-toned eyeshadow paired with pink lipstick.

In each snap, Qimmah wore the hood of her sweatshirt lifted. She also held a piece of her hair in each shot and tilted her head to one side as she took her selfies. Although she was the lone figure in the first photo, in the second pic she was joined by a light brown puppy who poked its head and upper body through the door that was open behind her.

In her caption, Qimmah encouraged her followers to use the comments section to tag friends who don't like to train on "leg day."

The post has been liked more than 25,000 times, and over 250 Instagram users have commented on it. In those comments, her fans raved over her muscled physique.

"Damn you didn't even skip fine as hell day either," one person wrote before adding a googly-eyed emoji in their comment.

"Sweet and stylish with a body, all that this muscle Barbie is!" another commenter added.

"Yes, ma'am, you are amazing and beautiful," a third Instagram user gushed.

It also looks like her photo inspired some followers to train their legs more.

"I'm that friend," one person wrote in response to her caption. "Gonna start working on it though...."

Her post also got some attention from fellow fitness influencers, including Yaslen Clemente. Other commenters expressed their admiration for Qimmah with collections of emoji instead of words.

"Some people gotta lose it all, to find out what they really want. Enjoy this journey," she wrote in the caption.

That post has attracted close to 50,000 likes since its upload two days ago, and close to 750 Instagram users have commented on it.