Vine Resume Lands A Job For This Creative Women

James Johnson

Dawn Siff, an out of work journalist, decided that Twitter's Vine platform would be a great way to find a job. Shortly after she came up with her new plan, she launched a six-second resume.

The Vine resume landed Siff a job with the Economist Group's commercial unit as a project manager.

Siff came up with the idea to create the Vine resume after she searched for a job the traditional way for six months.

During her job search, Dawn Siff took 64 hours worth of continuing education classes, attended six networking events, and went on 12 information interviews and nine job interviews.

We are sure that a publication as large as the Economist didn't simply hire Dawn because of her six-second Vine clip. However, the clip does show that in a crowded job market the ability to stand out can sometimes create a life changing moment, especially if the job candidate is doing something very creative in an industry that applauds creativity as the basis of its success.

Here is the Vine that was placed by Siff:

— Dawn Siff (@dawnsiff) February 20, 2013

It has been a big week for creative online resumes. Check out our recent story about the Chicago All-In-One Adman ad we also recently discovered.

Do you think the Twitter Vine resume will catch on, or will copycats find it harder to grab the type of attention Dawn Siff received for her quick thinking six-second resume?