Young Girl Creates Art Supply Kits For Children In Need

Chelsea Phaire is a 10-year-old girl from Danbury, Connecticut who is on a mission to help children in need by providing them with art supply kits. Phaire loves all kinds of art herself and wants to ensure that other children that may be less fortunate also have the ability to express themselves creatively. Thus, she has been keeping busy collecting materials that she then puts into individual containers and donates, according to Today.

Phaire's parents say that she spoke of wanting to help others by forming a charity of her own for several years. When she turned 10, they decided she was old enough and capable enough to handle the responsibility that goes into such an effort. Thus, they supported her endeavor. The little girl's birthday was in August, and instead of presents, she requested that her family and friends provide art supplies that she could use to create the kits.

Those close to Phaire certainly delivered and she had enough supplies to put together her first batch of kits. She later donated the kits to a homeless shelter not far from where she lives.

Far from done with her project, Phaire's mother Candace assisted with the next step. She helped the little girl create an Amazon Wish List that was full of all the products she would need to create more kits, including paper, paints, crayons and more.

"Chelsea picked out all the things she likes to use. Crayola crayons and certain types of paints — she felt like kids should have the same type of materials she was using. There's a deficiency in the art world for kids in situations like these, so this was a perfect way for Chelsea to get involved," her mother said.

So many donations came in to assist Phaire's efforts that she has been able to create and deliver more than 2,500 kits. The kits have been delivered not only in the state of Connecticut but all over the United States.

"She really gets a big charge out of helping the kids with their art materials,We've made videos of her giving little art lessons for the kids to see instead of her getting to talk to kids in person," Phaire's mother said of her daughter's project.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, stories of missions of kindness organized by young people just like Phaire have inspired many throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, a first grader from Maryland named Cavanaugh Bell made headlines recently for using his own savings to provide groceries for those in need.