Celtics Legend Bill Russell Continues His Rebuke Of Donald Trump In A Scathing Series Of Tweets

Mansoor AhmedGetty Images

Former National Basketball Association star Bill Russell has continued his criticism of Donald Trump’s comments on race, calling out the president for his Saturday remarks about racial issues addressed by his administration.

Russell cited the president’s remarks from earlier in the week, when Trump claimed that he has done more for African Americans than almost any president in American history. The basketball legend listed instances where he considered Trump’s actions to be in stark contrast to his glowing claims of his treatment of the Black community.

“[Donald Trump] says he’s done more for Blacks than any other President,” Russell said incredulously. He went on to cite instances where he believes the president failed the Black community, “Central Park 5, He suggested shooting protesters & sic dogs on them, using the military to move #BlackLivesMatter protesters for a photo op. Let’s not forget we are ‘Those sons a b*tches,’” Russell tweeted.

Russell went on to remind his fans about when the president said that GeorgeFloyd was “having a good day.” The basketball legend also called out the president for scheduling a rally on “#JUNETEENTH a very important day for African Americans

“This is a fraction of what he has done.”

Russell included a helpful link to register to vote in his tweet.

“This president is divisive & a coward get registered to #Vote & let your voice be heard.”

Russell’s Twitter biography notes that he identifies himself as a “civil rights activist,” and the former professional athlete seems to be taking that role seriously.

The retired NBA player has been far from silent about Trump’s treatment of the Black community. Just days ago, Russell reacted to the president’s comments about former National Football League player Colin Kaepernick protesting the national anthem by taking a knee while it was playing at televised games.

According to the former Boston Celtics player, the president’s disrespect is not part of the American spirit and more aptly fitted to divide the country than bring it together.

Trump’s tweet was sparked by the news that New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees told ESPN that he would “never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag of the United States of America,” as The Inquisitr previously reported.

Only a few days after his words were printed, Brees walked back his comments in an Instagram post pointed directly at Trump, saying that after extensive conversations with those in the black community and friends whose opinions he values, he now feels “this is not an issue about the American flag. It has never been.”

Trump responded to Brees’ retraction of his former belief in traditional respect for the flag, saying what a fan he was of the football player but that he was sorry to see him take back his earlier patriotic comments.