‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ What Deathstroke And The Silver Age Could Mean

Batman: Arkham Origins gets Deathstroke and a Silver Age storyline, but what could that mean?

Batman could be facing challenges mirroring the Christopher Nolan films in Batman: Arkham Origins, as the game appears to be bringing us back to the Silver Age of the mythos. Batman hadn’t met all of the villains yet, and was still fresh from training after his decision to become the Batman.

The official story is that this is a younger and less refined Batman, not yet realizing that his actions to stop street crime are helping create a new level of villainy. If you look into Batman’s villain origins, you’ll notice that if it wasn’t for Batman and Bruce Wayne, very few of those villains would exist, bringing back the old dialogue from the Tim Burton classic where Batman faces off with the Joker in a round of “You made me.”

Batman is just starting to form relationships with major characters like James Gordon before he became commissioner. This could also mean Batman hasn’t had to face the Joker yet, and his gadgets haven’t all been fleshed out yet, giving the game a bit of an Assassin’s Creed feel of earning your weapons. The Joker may reflect the persona from The Dark Knight, inventing origin stories on the fly just for a sadistic laugh as he confronts his victims.

The Silver Age in the Batman comics was notoriously anti-violent, and as it ended, Deathstroke appeared on the scene, taking advantage of the almost ultra-violent freedom DC Comics then had. Being a masked assassin, almost the more serious version of Marvel’s Deadpool, Deathstroke could mean some seriously bloody combat.

Batman: Arkham Origins is being developed by the man behind Prototype, so brutal and unnecessary violence could be a very definite theme this time. In other words, you might not want to play this in the dark.

Are you excited about the announcement of Deathstroke in Batman: Arkham Origins?